You’ve Said Word of Mouth ???

Word of mouth has become increasingly important in today’s usage of inbound
marketing and communication strategies. Indeed, while trying to create a real need
for your products in customers’ mind, don’t forget that the best ambassadors of
your brand are the people using it daily, the people that you have already
convinced of the utility and the added value of your products; your early
adopters. Thanks to social media, these same persons have become able to spread
the word and tell the world how amazing your brand/product is, through active
word of mouth on the internet. This is a beneficial observation that can
however quickly have a negative impact if not monitored properly. While the
network effect, “the phenomenon that occurs when one user of a good or service
affects the adoption and subsequent use of the product by other people”
eventually lead to a mass adoption if properly controlled, one should always remember
how important what is said on the web 2.0 is, and therefore should pay
attention to the flow of communication about its brand. It is of course
impossible to actively control what is said on the internet, but a company can
influence this word of mouth by paying attention to online discussions and by
reacting quickly to any potential threat. This demonstrates once again the
importance for a company to include social media in its marketing strategy and
to make efforts (financial and human) in order to increase and enhance this
usage of web 2.0’s applications and to optimize their results. If supervised
properly, this network effect will offer to a company the competitive advantage
needed to succeed. This digital and virtual word of mouth can drastically
fasten and maximize this network effect process as thanks to web 2.0 and its
applications, attention of potential followers can be efficiently grabbed in a
much broader pool than ever. Therefore, stop waiting for customers and start to
influence this global word of mouth to engage more effectively your potential
customers in the future!


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